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Fate of the Dwarf Lords

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Having worked out his penance and resettled his people in the citadel of Arnoch, the Nameless Dwarf decides to start a new life in the up-and-coming town of Brink. 

Seven years later, he has everything a dwarf could possibly wish for—a gym, a beer hall, and a bawdy house across the road. 

Then a blood-stained dwarf staggers into town with a message of doom: 

Arnoch has sunk beneath the waves, its last defense against the attack of a five-headed dragon.

The one slender hope remaining to the dwarves lies in their distant past: the dwarf lords, who had been created for perils such as this. But for centuries, they have been in exile on Thanatos, a death-world likely to change even the greatest of heroes.

With time running out for Arnoch, Nameless must find the dwarf lords and persuade them to come home.

But before that, he first has to survive them.

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