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Thunder Dog

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On a stormy night, a young dog (Rosebud) and her owners are in a terrible car accident. As dark waters overcome her, Rosie is unexpectedly comforted by a brilliantly glowing woman. Is she an angel? Just as quickly, Rosie returns to earth in a flash of lightning, only to find herself being taken to the local dog pound.

Six year old Lily hates the constant bullying she suffers daily at school. When her parents finally agree to pull her out and give home school a try, Lily's over the moon. But Daddy has another surprise in store for her: A trip to the local animal shelter.

When Rosie meets Lily the pair become inseparable. But Lily soon learns that's there's more to Rosie than meets the eye. Her special brand of magic not only marks the beginning of a lifelong friendship, but ultimately saves the day in more ways than one.

This is a novella of approximately 13,485 words
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