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Dead Dwarves Don't Die

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"A masterpiece of sword and sorcery storytelling. A visceral yet thoughtful epic." (Bookwraiths Reviews)

When the dwarven civil war ended, the Nameless Dwarf lay cold upon the battlefield, his broken axe beside him.

But death is not the end in a cosmos ruled by the Supernals, beings of pure sorcery with the power to create worlds.

Nameless finds himself aboard a ship bound for the Feasting Hall of Witandos, but disappointment, rather than beer, awaits him, along with a mountain of unpaid penance.

For the deeds performed in life have their consequences in the world to come, and an evil has taken root at the heart of the afterlife.

An evil that seeks to turn the Supernal Realm into a second Abyss.

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