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Last of the Exalted

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"One of the best fantasy novels I have read so far this year."  

Rebecca Ross, Reedsy Discovery

When a bloodthirsty horde storms out of the north, refugees flee for their lives, among them the skald Nyra Sahtis and Sister Caelin, a priestess who was once a trainer of armies.

But with the capital, Jeridium, under siege from a second incursion, there is nowhere left to run.

As rival armies converge on Jeridium, the Senate are reduced to clutching at straws. In a desperate last gambit, they send the assassin Shadrak the Unseen past enemy lines and into the mountains, where he must find a grief-stricken warrior and his mythical axe.

"Derek Prior always produces masterpieces of storytelling, with great characters full of life, relentless plots, and gripping and intense fight scenes."

Mitchell Hogan, author of A Crucible of Souls

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